Who has been mistreated by their doctor?

I feel a law needs to be created for people who are mistreated and written off by their Doctors.

Recently my fiancé found himself in a rough spot when a car hit him and smashed him up to his own vehicle (Which is now totaled). My fiancé is happy to be alive but the worst part for him is dealing with doctors. They will not listen to his problem, provide the care necessary or even recommend someone who specializes treatment of the injury in consideration.

Has this ever happened to you? You go into the doctors and tell them your symptoms and pain. However your not answering EXACTLY how they want you to, so they just ignore all your words entirely. OR have they told you that you are fine, when you know you are in pain? OR have you gotten re-diagnosed and found out that there was more than NOTHING WRONG?!

This is exactly what happened to my fiancé. He went to 5+ different hospitals trying to get someone to examine his tailbone. All places read only existing notes from previous doctors (which stemmed from the first misdiagnoses, which my fiancé was trying to get a second opinion and so on.) So all places said he was fine. When he went back to the very first Doctor, he was finally taken seriously and got the MRI needed. There was a contusion and internal bleeding in his tailbone. More than nothing.

I believe this is wrong. I feel like there should be a law, that when a patient is mistreated, misdiagnosed or just plain written off. the patient has a right to complain to a company. I will refer to this company as the Red Door Policy. When the Red Door Policy hears the complaint they document it and put a red sticker in eye-sight on the front door of the medical facility that holds a unique web address where you can go on your laptop/smartphone and read the complaints written by patients.

This will help people decide for themselves, before having to go through stress and anxiety. People can easily find and determine the caring doctors compared to the opposite. Everyone deserves to have a voice. I want your voice to be recognized, big or small. Who agrees with the Red Door Policy?



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